Everyone knows a hunting dog can make or break your hunt, but there is nothing like watching a retriever do what it is bread to do; that is to please you, retrieve birds, and be your life long companion. A dog that is sweet and caring at home, but a machine in the field. We are here to help create that special bond between the hunter and their retreiver. 

Puppy Fun Assessment

  • Bring your pup out to see its natural abilities.

  • Live bird fun games and hunt games to get you and your retriever introduced to the program.

  • 1-2 hours $40 per hour. 

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Introduction to Guns/Birds

  • Shooting birds over water.

  • Pigeon/Gun Introduction.

  • Chukars and other live birds included.

  • Planting birds in field to build prey drive.

  • 4-week program ($650).

Intermediate Bird Dog

  • Heel/Sit/Stay/Here.

  • Collar Conditioning.

  • Place and Kennel (crate training). 

  • Load up.

  • Marking birds and steadiness. 

  • Land, water, field, and scent work. 

  • We will be training the dog in various hunting situations to ensure your dog has no confusion in the field. 

  • 2-3 months, $550 a month, includes food; live birds will be extra. 

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Force Fetch 

  • Can be added to Intermediate or Advanced programs for a discounted rate.

  • Ensure proper delivery return to hand with no mouthing. 

  • Will force fetch to each type of bird you will be hunting.

  • Pile work/walking fetch.

  • Introduction to blinds.

  • 1-2 months $600 per month, can typicaly be done in one month. 

Advanced Gun Dog

  • Sit on whistle.

  • Pile work/pattern blinds/cold blinds.

  • Customizable program to fit your hunting needs. 

  • 4 different hand casts (left over, right over, left back, right back).

  • Advanced steadiness in blind and on heel.

  • Triple land and water marks out to 150-200 yards.  

  • Real hunting scenarios and decoy work.

  • This program is for very advanced dogs, that hunt with big groups and can mark big groups of downed birds. This is also a good program for people interested in hunt tests.

  • Typically 4-6 months, $550 per month (live birds extra). 

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